Rekindling your passions for God, others, and self is a critical step in your journey to security and significance.  As the Saint-Exupery quote on the main page highlights, just as those who are enamored of the ocean and its far-reaching shores will meticulously, painstakingly craft a better boat, in the same way those who are enamored of God and His plans and who truly desire to love those around them and who passionately want to pursue their calling in life will best impact their world as they meticulously and painstakingly mature in character and talent according the powerful guidelines given through the Holy Scriptures. 


In the end, we only do what we are motivated to do.  Sheer will-power will only get us so far.  And so it is our goal, our hope, to kindle a fire within you for Jesus, for your neighbor, and for yourself.  For if that fire is stirred and tended to, you will find such peace, joy, and resiliency that you will be best ready to impact the world around you.  So take a look at our spiritual lenses [link to first blog post], our blog posts [link to blog page], and our Know Thyself book [link to store page], and see what the first next step for you may be.

So if all this resonates within you, if it seems more than just fluff talk, if it seems real and possible to you, then come join us! Be forewarned that we are imperfect, we make mistakes and we frequently drift off our paths. But we also lean on one another, return to the path and keep our inner fires kindled! The more there are of us like-hearted and like-minded people living this way, the more of a blast this journey will be. So if you are willing to admit your short-comings and embrace God’s perfection, read on!

And as always, if you have any questions, contact us.


REKINDLING was first imagined back in the summer of 2002. In April of 2002, after a tough few months in Dallas, TX and some even tougher months before that in Washington DC, I (Shannon) had hit rock bottom in my life.  I had grown up in the church amidst a strong Christian family (for which I am extremely thankful!), but during my twenties, I drew away from God, deciding that I could live with one foot in my own controlled world and one foot in God’s Plans. 

It didn’t work so well, and to ease the internal dissonance, I slowly began pulling the ‘God leg’ over into my world (yeah, real smart, huh).  Things got worse, including hurting others, drug use, a DUI and an abortion.  It all culminated in Dallas where, dejected and introspective, I came to two conclusions:  first- I was in no way happy with my life or where I was.  I felt I was not living up to the potential I had.  Second- I could only hold myself accountable for where I was in life.  I had no one else to blame and no real excuses to give; my own selfish desires and decisions had led me here.

It was at that single point, when I was humbled and broken, that God stepped in and we had a serious heart-to-heart.  He asked me how ‘my way’ was going and I said ‘not so good’.  He then asked if we could try it ‘His Way’ again and I gratefully and enthusiastically said yes.  Once re-committed to God, one of the first things He directed me to do was to find and pursue my Calling, and over the next several months, He began to show me that He has hand-crafted me, with all my strengths and weaknesses, to encourage people to find and purse their calling.

Thus the idea for REKINDLING was born.  And I can only give God full and solo credit for it.  In the beginning, REKINDLING focused on people finding their calling in life and the Know Thyself program was developed.  Later, as Mark 12 really hit home with me, I realized that our calling is third in importance after worshiping God and serving others (but that all three were intertwined in amazing ways).  That three-fold goal of REKINDLING is still the core goal today (love God, love everyone else and love yourself) and it has grown in depth to include the See the Unseen paradigm and the Know Thyself process.

As for structure, it was in the summer of 2005 that I decided to put all this to the test, and I formed a small group of about ten believers (in all stages of their faith) to meet for a one-year long class that would jump into this idea of an intimate and passionate relationship with the Creator God and what it means for our everyday lives.  By year-end, while we only had three of us left (thank you Jay and Mandy!), all of those Rekindlers were impacted by God in some way. (To this day, I still try to keep in touch with all nine of them via email and phone.)  We took that guinea pig class and learned from our successes and failures, and re-developed it into the format that you see today.

In 2007, I decided that I wanted to devote myself full-time to REKINDLING and pour myself and the knowledge gained into any who would have it – to any who wants more out of this life and wants a peace and excitement about the life to come.  And thus, Rekindling Ministries was formed as a 501c3 biblical education non-profit.  We are now facilitating our Know Thyself and See the Unseen material (via small groups, workshops, and 1on1s) in the Lynchburg, VA area and are looking to expand nationally and globally.

Statement of Faith